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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Streetlight Building Report

Lighthouse Update: Michael Hatcher
Here is the Streetlight Building Report: Norman (Met Man) has jumped right in and made two friends (Satfon and Ray) on Lancaster Street. Last week Ray gave Norman a tour of the community. As they walked the streets they laughed, talked and shared stories. Ray even showed Norman some of the homeless campsites hidden in the bushes on the hill. Ray helped Norman process some of the things happening on Lancaster. The two friends look out for each other. Ray and Normom caught up with Stefon and three of them went to A-1 (The Corner Store) on Lancaster to enjoy the famous"Ghetto Burger". Norman said, the burger he ate that day was one of the best burgers he has eaten in a long long time, and he plans to come back.

While these Brothers in Christ ate lunch Norman went over some of the paperwork that he brought for Stefon from the U.S. Patent Office and some notes he made for Stefon. Stefon believes he has an invention that will revolutionize the toy world. Move over, BIG WHEEL. Norman also blessed Stefon with a few writing and drawing supplies. The fellowship between the two men was awesome.

Mike Wallace, Dan Zue and Pastor Hatcher are putting the finishing touches on a three dimensional animated presentation of the structure and remodeling of the building on Lancaster. Whatever happened tostick drawings? Pastor Dustin said there's a possibility the women ofthe Met Church would like to make a contribution to the building fund. Rusty, the Mission Pastor from North Richland Hills Church of Christ,and Pastor Hatcher attended a Harvest event at NRHC that will contribute money towards the purchasing of the building on Lancaster street. Mike Wallace donated three air conditioners, four inside units and track lighting for the building. And Mike got a call from an unknown source who has agreed to install the air conditioners. Ronnie, from Morgan electric, has installed the electrical work in order forus to obtain our C.O. certificate. And Richard, an I.T. specialist, has committed his time put in our wireless computer system. We have a phone system with thirteen phones to go inthe building. Hank, a homeless war hero, gave sixty cent towards the building. He said he believes in what we are trying to accomplish because it's a war out here. In fact, Hank attend our Unity In The Community Meeting. I hugged Hank and thanked him for his contribution and support. I was reminded once again, it's not about the money or the building It's all about loving God and loving people unconditionally.

Therefore, keep loving people and keep your contributions coming toward us owning the building so we can put hammers, saws, screwdrivers and paint brushes to work.

Keep us in your prayers and visit our website 1lighthousechurch.com. At 9:00 AM Saturday November 24th we will be walking the streets and building relationships (Soul Cafe). At 6:00 AM there will be ThreeUnity in the Community ministries joining together to serve coffee and a morning meal on the streets. You are welcome to join us at 6:00 AM or 8:30 AM for the walk. Very soon we will own the building and there will be a lot of physical labor for you to do. So, don't put your hammers away to soon and don't give up on us as we walk through this phase to transform the inner city of Fort Worth. Until next time, God bless!

-Pastor Hatcher

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