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Our desire for this site is to connect you to others who desire to see the Near East Side community in Ft. Worth transformed. The calendar below is full of weekly, monthly, and annual events that you can participate in. Feel free to click on an event that interests you for details & contact info.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This site is now inactive

If you're interested in serving people in Ft. Worth, you're encouraged to visit:

  1. Feed By Grace
  2. Lighthouse Community Church

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a MONTH!

Wow. What an exciting month in Ft. Worth! Congrats on a successful "Art-n-the Park 2008", and the first ever "Ending Homelessness One Life at a Time" on May 3rd. Remember, our purpose for these two events was to create a sense of community among the different ministries and organizations who serve in the near east side area of Ft. Worth. Praise Christ that our goal was achieved with great success. If you didn't get a chance to read one of the reviews written about "AITP" then click this link and check it out! (includes pics, and a short write-up)


May 3rd event was a great success. Neale told me that there is a lot of momentum right now, and that we've got to make sure that we take the necessary steps to ensure that May 3rd wasn't just a meaningless pep rally; fruit should begin to be produced as a result. (My interpretation of our conversation= ) We must move forward with the next steps...

Here is how we keep momentum guys: Keep serving together. Continue to build those relationships that were begun as you served together over the past two months. Don't miss the UITC network meetings...

***Join everyone for a May 3rd FOLLOW-UP meeting on Saturday, May 24th from 2:30 - 4:00pm. This will be an important time to begin putting things into place, and creating categories of empowerment for those on the streets. So far we have these categories: communication/transportation, discipleship, jobs/employment. There will be other categories/committees as well. We need you guys to be a part of the planning, etc. of these things. To see what we've been working on go check out the UITC website that Michael has been working on.


The following weekend will be our regularly scheduled UITC network meeting to follow-up, and continue organizing this process of empowerment for those one the streets. We realize that this is two Saturdays in a row that you will be sacrificing, but truly believe that some AMAZING kingdom things are "brewin" on E. Lancaster. We're inviting you to be a part of what God is doing, and going to do. Please mark your calendar for May 24th, and May 31st. Details are at the above calendar....


-Aaron Snow-

Friday, April 11, 2008


I believe that people all over the world are beginning to realize the need for Unity. For years we thought we could do it on our own. We thought ministry and the growth of the kingdom was some sort of a competition. We thought that the Lord gave US a vision, and that we were to move forward like a fright train pummeling anything in front of us in order to accomplish that vision.

Of course, we rarely see that in scripture. Instead, I see Jesus stooping down to wash the feet of his disciples. I see Him commanding us to put the interests of others before our own, and humbly serve everyone around...yes everyone...(Philippians 2) "you mean even the church planter down the road!? But what if our members go to HIS church and not mine!?" (How a thought like that can even enter any of our minds blows me away)

I have come to the conclusion that a main reason we haven't seen Biblical unity among the body here in the states is because if it happened God would get the Glory. We don't like that. We want the glory, and we rob God of the glory He deserves because our flesh wants recognition, and approval. We SAY we want God to get glory, but our actions prove otherwise. We say we want to grow the kingdom no matter what, but it usually translates into growing OUR kingdom. When true unity begins to happen is when pastors, leaders, planters, missionaries, etc. begin to humbly serve those around them EVEN if it does not directly benefit THEIR thing, but the others.

Unity happens when we count the interests of others as equally important as our own. Once again, this will be difficult because for this to happen ONLY God can take credit, and receive glory for it. I beg, and pray that we would desire His glory more than our own. "Father, set us free from our fleshly desires...our desires that rob you of the glory you deserve."

Unity in the Community has a desire to see Unity among the Body of Christ take place in Ft. Worth, and all over the world. We've started among the different ministries and organizations who serve the poor and homeless population in the near east side area of Ft. Worth. By the grace of God, and us humbly serving those around us we will watch God fuse us together in ways we've never seen before. "Thank you Jesus for your grace."