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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Great Meeting...

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***Thanks again to Church on the Slab for providing Lunch!***

We want to say thanks again to those of you who attended our "Unity in the Community" meeting on Saturday. We received lots of positive feedback from the meeting, and feel that this is the beginning of something beautiful that will take place on the streets; the ministries serving ONE ANOTHER! (Imagine that!=) Here are some extremely important things to remember that we touched on at the meeting:

-Frequent THIS website to stay informed about what's going on, AND to submit what your ministry is doing.
-Submit your upcoming events, pictures, videos, etc. in a reply to THIS email address, and we'll post it on the site!
-Check the calendar NOW, and let us know at unityinthecommunity@gmail.com if anything is missing, or needs updated/corrected.

***Remember: the most important thing we wanted you to walk away from the meeting with is the realization of how important it is that we begin to serve one another. As we do this, Unity will happen. We challenged each of you to COMMIT to picking ONE other outreach, event, etc. to participate in that is separate from your ministry. Check the website/calendar, choose what you want to do, and DO IT! Make sure to tell the ministry that you are a part of UITC***

Below is a list of the ministries/organizations that were present Saturday, who have shown interest in being a part of this network:

-Church on the Slab
-Salt of the Earth Ministry
-Near East side Neighborhood Association
-Working Together Coalition: W.T.C.
-Intentional Gatherings, Inc.
-Lighthouse Community Church
-Feed By Grace @ Unity Park
-Veteran's Affairs: V.A.
-Gentle Beginnings Birth Center
-Hot Dogs & Hope
-The Met Church
-North Main Church of God
-Richland Hills Church of Christ
-New Beginnings International Church

Submit your stuff, and we'll post it asap!

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