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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UITC meeting follow-up...

Hey guys,
I wanted to thank you all again for stepping outside of “your thing” and what “your ministry” does to see what’s going on with others in the city. We hope that you are catching the vision for UITC, which is that none of us, on our own, can meet every need on the streets in Ft. Worth. We need each other. We need Unity. We need the body of Christ. We need Unity among that body. So, thank you for being willing to be a part of that Unity…
At the meeting we discussed two events that we would all participate with together. Those two events were “Art-n-the Park” (April 26th), and “Ending Homelessness - 1 Life at a Time” (May3rd). I hope you feel like you had some say is this decision. Please feel free to inform us if there are other options that you feel would be beneficial for the UITC network to participate in. For now we feel that these events will accomplish two purposes:

1) Unifying us as we serve together (“Art-n-the Park”). We will all be “in the loop”, and a part of planning/putting on this event. We hope you will provide any resources your ministry/organization has to see this event made possible in 2008.
(See www.artnthepark.homestead.com for more information on the event)

2) Raise awareness and challenge us to “do things differently/in a new and fresh way” (“Ending Homelessness - 1 Life at a Time”). As you heard at the meeting, this event has HUGE potential to create much change in the homeless community of Ft. Worth. I believe that each of us have the desire, and see the need for one on one discipleship on the streets. However, many of us have resorted to other outlets of ministry because we simply did not have a way to know who was ready for, and needed that one-on-one discipleship. This event will open the doors for this type of discipleship to take place, and will invite YOU, and YOUR ministry to be a part.

May we embrace these things as our own as we seek to serve together as the body of Christ. I beg you to take some time this week to set aside your agenda, and serve some other ministry. (Just like Michael shared he has been doing at the meeting) Once again, please do not discontinue the things that you are currently doing, but also commit to being a part of these two events. As you do the ministry you are involved with constantly seek new, and more effective ways to do it. From this point forward we will be focusing on the planning and execution of these two events. Please stay tuned for details about how you can be involved. Thanks again for you time.

In the power and purpose of Jesus Christ,

Aaron Snow - Unity in the Community

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